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U-DREAM is an organization made up of Utah educators, residents, and leaders from across Utah committed to:

  1.   Open educational opportunities for Utah students, or students adversely impacted by current educational and immigration policies, who exhibit educational excellence, commitment to social justice, and are actively engaged in their community.

  2.   Support students and under-served populations by providing information about post-secondary educational opportunities, motivate them to pursue a post-secondary degree, and provide mentoring to increase graduation rates.

  3.   Promote a climate that values racial and ethnic diversity and appreciates the contributions that communities and students make to Utah.

To fulfill these goals, and support the Governor’s goal that 66% of Utah adults obtain a college degree or postsecondary certificate by 2020, U-DREAM seeks scholarship donations for Utah’s students.  We believe some of Utah’s brightest and most capable students are denied educational opportunities because of state and federal immigration policies.  This is deeply disappointing for students, but it also impoverishes our communities and limits economic growth in the state.  U-DREAM wants to help by providing financial support to high-achieving Utah students enrolled or planning to enroll in a post-secondary degree program.

U-DREAM awarded 18 scholarships for 2014 semesters.

Scholarship applications for 2015 are now closed.  We anticipate opening the 2016 applications in September 2015. For information about other scholarship opportunities, please see the Resources page.


As a convenience to you, there are multiple options.  Feel free to donate by Paypal (see button above and below) or we will gladly accept a check made payable to: 

Educational Opportunities for Utah’s Children

Please forward to:


Educational Opportunities for Utah’s Children

PO Box 65512

Salt Lake City, UT  84165

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Questions regarding the U-DREAM scholarship may be directed to:

Ann Brewer, abrewer@educationopps.org

U-DREAM has partnered with Educational Opportunities for Utah’s Children, a 501(c)(3) organization, to fundraise and administer this scholarship fund.

All donations to the fund are fully tax deductible.